Trailer Reactions

Love movies, but having a hard time staying up to date on the latest movie trailers? Well don’t worry—Three Y’s Men Media has you covered! Join Dylan, Steve, Joey and Tyler as they watch, react to and review trailers so you don’t have to!


Want to see the new Halloween movie but you're just not sure if it'll live up to the original? Well your pals from Three Y's Men Media have got you covered! Tyler and Joey will fill you in on everything you could possibly want to know about the 2018 Halloween...trailer. Watch and be amazed as Tyler and Joey watch, react to and review this spooky trailer!

Creed 2

Your friends from Three Y's Men Media, Tyler, Dylan and Handsome Steve, sit down to watch, react to, and review the 2nd official trailer for Creed 2!!


Three Y's Men Media's Joey and Dylan sit down to watch the trailer for Venom! Watch while they watch, and react, and review!


Join your pals from Three Y's Men Media, Tyler and Dylan while they watch and react to the trailer from the Nun!