Trailer Reactions

Love movies, but having a hard time staying up to date on the latest movie trailers? Well don’t worry—Three Y’s Men Media has you covered! Join Dylan, Shannon, Steve, Joey, Kyle and Tyler as they watch, react to and review trailers so you don’t have to!

captive state

Dylan and Jose are back at it, reacting to trailers for your amusement! This week the boys take a look at the mysterious Captive State, a film that looks at what would happen if we had alien overlords and how the sheeple (looking at you, Round Earth shills) react to life in a.....CAPTIVE STATE! Muwaaaahahahahahaha!

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alita battle angel

Watch and be amazed as Dylan and Brandy react to the Alita Battle Angel trailer! In a trailer full of cyborgs and robots we find out that both Brandy and Dylan are very concerned not with the battles, but the sexual implications and possible uses of the mechanized humanoids. Are you excited about battling robots? What type of "accessories" would you put on your sex bot?

Captain Marvel

The second Captain Marvel trailer dropped and Three Y's Men Media brings you our expert analysis and reaction! Join everyone's favorite flightless bird Shannon, and 3YMM's resident scamp Dylan, as they watch Captain Marvel's awesome suit and fire hair mohawk. Are you guys excited for Captain Marvel? With Blockbuster video already confirmed in the first trailer, what other bit of 90's nostalgia are you hoping to see in Captain Marvel? Personally, we're hoping for a fight scene involving some light up British Knights and a Skip-It.

Avengers: Endgame

The Avengers: End Game trailer came out and we watched it........And boy do we have questions! Who is sweeping up all the dust created from dissolving half the life in the universe? Will NASA get off their lazy bums and go save Tony Stark? How did Ant-Man escape The Mini-Verse? Why does Dylan have so many SCARVES!


Tim Burton's Dumbo trailer dropped and Three Y's Men Media brings you our expert analysis of the trailer! TYMM's favorite scamp, Dylan, sits down with the lovely and beautiful bird-woman, Shannon, to deliver an A+ reaction to the new Dumbo trailer. Watch closely as Dylan berates, and ridicules Shannon's genuine reaction to seeing the classic film in live-action!

Poke’mon: Detective Pikachu

The world of Poke'mon comes to life with this official first trailer for Detective Pikachu, and Three Y's Men Media's Joey and Tyler are going to watch AND react to it!

Creed 2

Your friends from Three Y's Men Media, Tyler, Dylan and Handsome Steve, sit down to watch, react to, and review the 2nd official trailer for Creed 2!!


Want to see the new Halloween movie but you're just not sure if it'll live up to the original? Well your pals from Three Y's Men Media have got you covered! Tyler and Joey will fill you in on everything you could possibly want to know about the 2018 Halloween...trailer. Watch and be amazed as Tyler and Joey watch, react to and review this spooky trailer!


Three Y's Men Media's Joey and Dylan sit down to watch the trailer for Venom! Watch while they watch, and react, and review!


Join your pals from Three Y's Men Media, Tyler and Dylan while they watch and react to the trailer from the Nun!