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Why hasn't there been a Space Ghost movie? What would a Space Ghost movie even look like? We're glad you asked! We find that out, plus a harrowing adventure from underneath Sea World, our recap of the Great Lakes Comic Con (spoiler alert: we had a great time), and of course--23 pound grasshoppers.

Episode #39

fred krueger.jpg

On this very special Valentine's Day - themed episode of the podcast we take movies that one wouldn't typically consider "romantic" and turn them into full-fledged romances.  Freddy Krueger probably isn't a name that comes to mind when you think of a romantic lead or heartthrob, right? Well think again! And forget The Notebook, you've never seen a love story like Tyler's re-imagined version of The Exorcist. 

Episode #38

hulk hogan ffm.jpg

We're bringing back our wildly popular segment--Product Placement! If you're familiar with Lego, Transformers, or Bratz, you'll know that these are all famous (or infamous) movies that started off as famous (or infamous) products! Well,  in this episode we take that premise and run with it, creating the blockbuster movies of tomorrow based on the products  you know and love today! Products such as Play-Doh, Roomba, and Bobbleheads! If that's not enough to entice you we have Jon Hamm as a toy tycoon, Will Ferrell as a zany scientist, and--you guessed it--Hulk Hogan as President of these United States! 

Episode #37


We're back!

It's a new year and a new us!'s a new year, at least! We're thrilled to release our first episode of 2018--what do we have in store? We've got romance, we've got a space race, we've got humanity on the brink of extinction, and at the center of all of it--Jeff Goldblum and a goldfish.

Episode #36

Bananza Ganza.png

It's the end of the year, and you know what that means: time for the Three Y's Men to count down the BEST and WORST things that happened in 2017! It's our year-end bananza ganza! 

Who made the most of this year?

Who really stank it up?

Find out on our last episode of the year! BANANZA GANZA 2017!

Episode #35



Now that Justice League is in theaters, plenty of people are wondering if we'll end up getting a director's cut of the film, much like we did for Batman v. Superman. But that begs a bigger question: what ever happened to the long lost director's cut of Jaws, in which it is revealed that the aquatic antagonist was merely a pawn in a much larger scheme of oceanic destruction? Or the alternate cut of 2014's Godzilla, where Ken Watanabe's Dr. Serizawa proclaims that the monsters should--not fight, but mate??

The Three Y's Men have all that and more on the newest episode of our Fantasy Film Making Podcast!

Episode #34


Kyle, Tyler and Dylan continue their celebration of Spooktacular Spooktober by turning to some of the news' creepiest and kookiest Halloween-themed headlines and using them to pitch horror movies the likes of which your ears have never known on this--the spoooookiest night of the year!

Episode #33


It's the spookiest time of the year! Dylan and Tyler try to turn terrifying events of their pasts into the horror movie blockbusters of tomorrow as we celebrate Spooktacular Spooktober!

Episode #32

American Ball.jpg

We're going back to our roots this week with the segment that started it all: REBOOTS N' SEQUELS. What are we rebooting/sequeling? Just a little movie called The Replacements--gettin ya in the football mood just time for football season. Also, headlines! Also (x2), shameless plugs! The Kickstarter for our comic for Motor City Mo finally launched--have you donated??

Episode #31

If you're like us, you can't handle the "Will they/Won't they?" drama of Ben Affleck and Matt Reeves, but you still NEED your Batman movie fix. Well, look no further! We've got you covered! Also, how often do you find yourself trying to relax with a glass of cold, refreshing Dr. Pepper, but anguish over the fact that you don't know the origin behind the man, DR. PEPPER? Again, we've got you covered!

Episode #30

Coming Soon.jpg

Join us, if you will, on a journey back to Detroit in the 1980's, when half man-half robots patrolled the streets, and Samurai gangs battled for supremacy. Dylan pitches a movie based on an encounter he had with a man who claimed to be the Michigan Samurai, and Tyler attempts to fix the lackluster 2014 remake of RoboCop--by (spoiler alert) just turning it into the original.

Episode #29

The Three Y's Men are spinning the hits this week--taking your favorite song titles and turning them into feature films. What could be better than JK Simmons as a grisled bicycle shop owner in Queen’s Bicycle Race? Or Ben Affleck as slick wall street fat cat Jimmy DeVille in The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil?? OR Tilda Swinton as a sand gremlin in Metalica’s Enter Sandman??? Seriously--if you know something better, let us know...

Episode #28

We've had some time off to reflect on some things--what have we learned, you ask? Not much.

Tyler regales the Y's Men with his concept for a religious armageddon blockbuster starring Rainn Wilson and Nick Offerman (and brutally defames the otherwise sterling reputation of Dylan in the process) in everyone's favorite segment, Based on a True Story. 

Episode #27

Pinnipeds WS .jpg

Did you see that terrifying video of the little girl getting snatched into the water by a sea lion?? And did you think, "Man, I sure hope The Three Y's Men pitch a movie based on this video"?? Well, you're in luck! 

Wait--you haven't seen the sea lion video? Well watch it now! We'll wait.

Episode #26

The Marvel Cinematic Universe--DC's Extended Universe--the Godzilla/King Kong MonsterVerse--and now the Dark Universe. This is where it's going, people; Shared Universes. Shared Universes for days. Either get on board, or get the hell out of the way.

This week Dylan shares with Kyle and Tyler, as well as you, the listeners, his idea for a shared movie universe (or DylanVerse, if you will) and boy, is it something....

Episode #25


We're back from our mid-May break! Did you miss us?? This week we look at Hollywood's obsession with turning TV shows into movies--AND MAKE IT WAY BETTER. Haven't you ever wondered what Cheers: The Movie would look like? I bet you didn't think it would have whales or inter-dimensional beings, did you?? Well, you'd be wrong.


Episode #24

Middle Schooler WS.jpg

Tyler puts decades of speculation to rest in giving us a sequel to the 1982 horror classic, Cave Squeaker. Then Tyler, Kyle and Dylan return to the wildly popular segment Virus Videos, this time taking a video of adorable karate kids and transforming it into an hours-long martial arts epic about murder, revenge and redemption...and martial arts, obviously. 

Episode #23


The Three Y's Men present their SUMMER MOVIE SHOWDOWN. We've gathered the top 16 blockbusters coming out this summer and decided which one is going to be the best--that way you don't have to sift through all the duds! 

Who're the winners?

Who're the losers?

What movie will do inexplicably better than it should??

Episode #22

Jelly MonsterWS.jpg

Clue...Transformers...GI Joe...Lego...Ouija....All GREAT products (some would say) and ALL GREAT MOVIES (again...surely someone would say). Now it's OUR turn. Join three misfit middle schoolers as they defend the planet with space-age shoe technology  in the sci-fi thriller Heelys, and then travel through the cosmos with Laura-Space McQuade as the evil Slammers threaten to destroy the Space Government in Pogs. That's right: POGS.

Episode #21

Robot Love WS.jpg

The one where robots learn to love

It's TWO new segments for the price of NONE this week! (That is to say, even if you didn't want a new segment or you don't like them, you're stuck with them...sorry...) We take a look at a recent viral video involving an adorable little girl and a robot and turn it into a scifi blockbuster sensation, and then Dylan and Tyler warp children stories of the Disney and Captain Underpants variety  into gruesome movies of carnage and terror.

Episode #20   


We've talked about Disney's live-action remakes before--it'd be a bit repetitive to do it again. 

On second thought, let's give it a shot.

The Lion KingMulan and Aladdin are just THREE of the THOUSANDS of classic Disney animated features slated to get live-action remakes in the coming years. What are they going to look like? We're glad you asked...

Episode #18

birds WS.jpg

Dylan and Kyle each pitch a movie loosely based on true events in everyone's favorite segment, Based on a True Story. Spoiler alert--strangley, somehow, both movies are centered around birds. Then it's off to everyone's other favorite segment, Headlines, where Dylan inexplicably tries to resurrect 100 Good Deeds for Eddie McDowd.

Episode #17

WebsitePumpkin Rapper.jpg

Sabaan's Power Ranger's is IN THEATERS NOW. Have you seen it? Do you LOVE it?? More importantly, what are the next five Power Rangers movies going to look like?? Lucky for you we've obtained information, a Three Y's Men exclusive look into the future of the franchise--free of charge!

Episode #16

Agent Orange WS.jpg

the one with Agent ORange

We teased a different title for this episode before ultimately deciding on "The One With Agent Orange," as a marketing ploy; to create controversy. It worked. Over 800 billion people downloaded it within the first 30 seconds of release.  What's all the hype about, you ask?? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT...

Episode #15

Face WS.jpg

Did you see Hugh Jackman in Logan, but are desperate for someone else to tell you how you felt about it? We'd be glad to help you with that! Plus, we pitch more anthropomorphic animal movies than you can shake a stick at, and Dylan introduces the world to the real bad boy trio of the early 90's, Danny Tamberelli, David Duchovny, and Face from Nick Jr.

Episode #14

The one with all the rewards

Are you desperate for an award show that won't bore you stupid? Look no further! The highly anticipated, highly contested "Y-sy" Awards have arrived, and we're dishing out all the most prestigious awards, like "Most Improved" and "Creepiest Creep". Who will be the big winners of the night--and the big losers?? Tune in to find out....

Episode #13

Kyle, Tyler and Dylan are pitted against one another in a deadly movie-pitching showdown for all the power and the glory.  Who will rise to the occasion--and who will choke in a horribly embarrassing fashion? Listen to find out!

(It's Kyle--Kyle choked in a horribly embarrassing fashion)

Episode #12

Miracle on Mat Website.jpg

the one with the miracle on the mat

Tyler tells a story from his coaching career that he claims would make a good movie--will the other Y's Men agree? Will they?? Also, you won't want to miss Kathy Bates in her summer blockbuster break-out hit: TSA Assassin.

Episode #11


The one for the lovers

On this very special Valentine's Day - themed episode of the podcast we take movies that one wouldn't typically consider "romantic" and turn them into full-fledged romances. Ladies, strap in: Nicholas Sparks ain't got nothing on Love Sport starring Jean Claude Van Damme.'re welcome.

Episode #10

beauty bigfoot1.jpg

the one with beauty and the bigfoot

Feeling fatigue over all the live-action Disney remakes? Would you rather see a version of Beauty and the Beast that takes place in the Pacific North-West, where Belle is an intrepid researcher and the Beast is a....Bigfoot? Played by Jeff Bridges? Yeah, us too.

Episode #9


Marilyn Monroe Square.jpg

the one with the Marilyn monroe, James dean, Chris Farley love triangle

Should Lucasfilm have digitally recreated Peter Cushing in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? More like, why wasn't EVERY character in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story a digitally recreated dead actor?! Also, our Cheeky Seagull movie grows into a multi-billion dollar Dreamworks franchise.

Episode #8

Legs (1).jpg

the one with the man's legs

If you're of the opinion that the biggest problem with George Clooney's Ocean's 11 movies is there weren't enough of them--look no further!  Plus, Dylan delivers the Flash Gordon sequel/reboot the world has been waiting for.

Episode #7


The One With the cheeky seagull

Kyle pitches a reboot to Air Bud, we redo Pixels the way it should have been done (you're welcome, Adam Sandler), and Tyler brings to our attention an American tragedy--the Great Molasses Flood of 1919.

Episode #6


If you scare easily at the thought of demonic inanimate objects, then you'll definitely want to avoid our horror franchise, The Gate. Also, we discuss who would play Coach Bombay in a Mighty Ducks reboot (spoiler alert: it's not nearly as interesting as Dylan's choice for the coach of the villainous Hawks).

Episode #5


We invite our good friend Joey on to help us resurrect Titanic and The Shawshank Redemption, reboot Rocky (this was before Creed came out, we swear), give you the Christopher Nolan cross-over everyone's been dying for, and more! MUCH more.

Episode #4


the one where roger klotz ruins thanksgiving

Tyler gives an extended look at what the next chapter of Rudy would look like, we reboot Back to the Future (with more incest this time) and Doug Funny has a hard time when he comes back to town during the holidays.

Episode #3


In one of our inaugural episodes we try our luck expanding and improving the franchises of a Stephen Spielberg classic, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Seinfield, as well as give Ferris Bueller another day off.

Episode # 2


the one where tyler fixes superman

In one of our oldest recorded episodes, all the way down from The Three Y's Men vault, Tyler has a heart to heart with Zack Snyder (figuratively, unfortunately Zack was too busy to appear) and tells him where he went wrong with Man of Steel and what a Superman movie SHOULD look like.

Episode #1