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Were you listening to The Three Y's Men Fantasy Film Making Podcast and thinking, "Man, this is great--I laughed, I cried, it changed my whole life! If only the episodes weren't so gosh darn SHORT!? What am I supposed to do with the other 23 hours of my day??"

Despair no longer! Feast your ears on segments we deemed not good enough for the actual podcast!

horses are the best actors YT.jpg


In this Behind-the-Scenes clip, Tyler and Dylan talk about the star of 2016's "The Magnificent 7", Chris Pratt's horse, and discuss once again how horses are the best actors.

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The bum pincher

In this deleted clip from everyone's favorite segment, Headlines, Dylan and Tyler have competing ideas for a movie pitch centering around a fiendish criminal who goes around pinching bums.

toilet curseYT.jpg

In this deleted scene, Tyler proposes a new installment to our spine-tingling horror franchise The Gate during everyone's favorite segment, Headlines.


In this deleted scene gone awry, Dylan and Kyle are forced to relive a nightmarish event that happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

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Dylan quantifies the numbers

Check out this extended introduction from Episode #18 and observe what happens BEFORE the magic of editing, when we incessantly ramble without constraint.

From "The One Where Magic is Just 3D Printing & Nanobots"

Episode #18

Justice League YT.jpg

Who wants a trailer recap right after the trailer comes out?? That's waaaaaay too predictable. GOOD trailer recaps don't come out until at least a weak or two after the fact--when all the heat's died down, and people have lost interest. PERIOD.

From "The One With the Rapping Pumpkin"

Episode #16


True to form, here is a MUCH LONGER version of our review of the live action Beauty and the Beast remake. Spoiler alert: we liked it in this version too.

From "The One Where Magic is Just 3D Printing & Nanobots"

Episode #18

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X-men: Class Warfare

On the heels of "Logan," Kyle, Tyler and Dylan discuss some changes they would make to the X-Men movie franchise.

From "The One Where Face from Nick Jr. does Cocaine" Episode #14

Civil War Castles YT.jpg

In reshaping Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" to a tale of an intrepid researcher finding a Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, Dylan reveals that he has some confusing ideas about the Civil War.

From "The One With Beauty and the Bigfoot" Episode # 9

logan 1.jpg

We know, we know, our "Logan" review was simply NOT long enough. Well, here is the extended review, with a few extra precious minutes of us rambling about it. Enjoy! 

From "The One Where Face from Nick Jr. does Cocaine" Episode #14


While casting our live-action adaptation of Disney's Hercules, we run into a roadblock over who will play the Muses.

From "The One With Beauty and the Bigfoot"  Episode # 9

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Dylan Knocks it out of the park

During a round of Headlines Dylan pitches an Adam Sandler movie that falls flat.

From "The One With the Man's Legs" Episode #7

admiral thrawnYT.jpg

Dylan reveals his admiration for a particular Star Wars character with a particular gruesome background.

From "The One With the Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Chris Farley Love Triangle" Episode #8

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the rock bombay

What's one thing the Mighty Ducks franchise has always been missing? If you guessed Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Coach Bombay, you'd be right. 

From "The One Where the Mighty Ducks go to the Olympics" Episode #5


Tyler goes down deep into the bowels of the 10th Street Studios to retrieve an old episode of the podcast from--you guessed it--the vault. 

he's large 1.jpg

In one of our OLDEST segments, Tyler and Dylan describe to Kyle, in vivid, rambling detail, the classic film "Popeye," starring the late, great Robin Willimas.

Beware: this one's sound quality isn't "the best"....but what it lacks in production value it makes up for in shear length ten times over!