elk all out war match 2018

Your Friendly Neighborhood CaveMan and Prehistoric Power House ELK, presents the main event from Clash Wrestling's All Out War 2018 for FREE! BEEEEEYA!

ELK Highlights from Clash: All out War 2018

Did you miss Clash Wrestling's All Out War 2018 Super Show? Wanna know if Your Friendly Neighborhood Caveman ELK came out victorious? Watch the video to catch the highlights! ELK starts off in an All Out War qualifying match against his long time rival, Dragon Greed. A physical brawl that saw both behemoths pummel each other and our Prehistoric Hero suffer a dislocated thumb, ends when Dragon Greed grabs a steel chair to beat the Bearded Brute down and soften him up for the All Out War Match. In All Out War, a beaten and battered ELK battles for a chance at the Clash Championship at Seize The Day on January 19th!

ELK vs RJ City at CLASH: Divided we fall 2018

Your favorite time-traveling, barefoot-brawling, prehistoric warrior was back at Clash Wrestling's latest event, CLASH: Divided We Fall. ELK came to show the world that despite the #Postergate controversy and all the unanswered questions that have followed, he will always show up and wrestle as long as the fans want it.

Unfortunately, even more controversy was in store for ELK at this latest match.

ELK Vs dragon greed at Clash: Age of Allegiance 2018

Your friendly neighborhood caveman ELK took on Dragon Greed at Clash: Age of Allegiance!