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All the way from the Prehistoric Forest, ELK is a former wrestling champion and time traveling caveman. He's been through the space time continuum front to back. He can crush his enemies' spines to dust, and reveal the mysteries of the universe all before lunch.

ELK reacts to ALL OUT WAR

The Prehistoric Powerhouse and your friendly neighborhood caveman ELK brings you his thoughts on Clash Wrestling Presents: All Out War 2018! Did the Bearded Brute add another accolade to his Trophy Wall to go along with his 100% Mammoth Fur Coat and Smilodon Teeth? Tune in to find out!

Football hits so brutal they could be wrestling moves!

Your friendly neighborhood CaveMan and Prehistoric Powerhouse, ELK, delivers another list for your education and entertainment.

This week ELK has compiled a list of some of the Most Brutal Football Hits in the multiverse! These moves are so devastating, they look like they were inspired by pro wrestling greats like Arn Anderson, Hulk Hogan, and Karl Gotch! What are some of your favorite wrestling moves?

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ELK shares fighting secrets with the Internet

ELK, everyone's favorite prehistoric powerhouse / pro wrestler, is back with another know-nothing from Three Y's Men Media, this time Steve, to teach him and all of the internet proper fighting techniques!

ELK’s tribute to Stan Lee

With Stan Lee's passing last week, your friendly neighborhood caveman ELK is reflecting on his all time favorite wrestling ring gear inspired by Marvel comic book characters!

Johnny Gargano - Captain America

Finn Balor - The Punisher

Seth Rollins - Thanos

Rey Mysterio - Wolverine

Enter Elk’s ring of death!

Your friendly neighborhood caveman ELK (the only prehistoric, time-traveling barefoot-brawling warrior in the history of professional wrestling) has decided to share his infinite wealth of combat knowledge with all of you! Today he sits down with Three Y's Men Media's Kyle and watches fighting techniques from the animal and human worlds, and boy, does ELK have some thoughts.

ELK’s favorite wrestling movies

Your friendly neighborhood caveman ELK is here with your weekly dose of wrestling! Today ELK dishes out his top 5 favorite wrestling movies of all time! Which ones make the list?

And what are your favorite wrestling movies?

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Is this proof that Clash wrestling cheated elk?

ELK receives a video from a fan with damning implications... did Jeremy Jones and Clash Wrestling Management pay off the kid who interrupted ELK's match at Divided we Fall? Was Jeremy Jones trying to sabatoge ELK's match?

ELK vs rj city

full match at clash wrestling divided we fall

Your favorite time-traveling, barefoot-brawling, prehistoric warrior was back at Clash Wrestling's latest event, CLASH: Divided We Fall. ELK came to show the world that despite the #Postergate controversy and all the unanswered questions that have followed, he will always show up and wrestle as long as the fans want it.

Unfortunately, even more controversy was in store for ELK at this latest match.

WHat are the scariest moments in Wrestling History?

The Barefoot Brawler returns to continue celebrating the Pagan Harvest Festival known as Halloween! This week ELK counts down the most terrifying moments in wrestling history!

Let ELK know in the comments what YOU think was the scariest moment in wrestling history!

Who are the top spookiest wrestlers of all time?

In honor of the westernized harvest festival most people know as Halloween, your friendly neighborhood caveman and favorite pro wrestler ELK is going to share with you his TOP 5 list of the spookiest wrestlers to ever haunt the sport!

Let ELK know in the comments who YOU think is the spookiest wrestler of all time!

There’s no Honor in Clash Wrestling anymore

The fallout continues in the aftermath of Clash Wrestling: Divided We Fall. For anyone who did not attend this last Clash debacle, ELK had to step in when Mazerati Rick began to pummel a defenseless Justin Mane with a lead pipe--Mane had been defeated by James Alexander for the championship only moments before. Jeremy Jones and the rest of Clash Management was nowhere to be found during this chaos, and they're still silent on the whole affair. Their silence is deafening: there is no honor left in Clash Wrestling. ELK needs YOU to help bring it back.

Jeremy Jones Refuses to Ansnwer our Questions about #PosterGate

At the end of Clash Wrestling: Divided we Fall, ELK supporters tracked down Jeremy Jones, OWNER of Clash Wrestling, to demand answers about the #PosterGate scandal. Mr Jones appeared to be too busy to answer any questions on the topic. What are they hiding??

The scandals continue to pile up at clash wrestling

For anyone who attended Clash Wrestling's latest event, DIVIDED WE FALL, surely knows, there IS a divide at Clash Wrestling--and that divide is between Clash Management and everyone's favorite caveman / pro wrestling warrior, ELK.

What happened at this latest event? ELK fills us in, and has some choice words for Jeremy Jones and all of the lizard people who are running Clash!

Rey Mysterio Resigns?

ELK has your latest pro wrestling news and rumors! Rey Mysterio resigns? DX reunion? AND more??

ELK Talks to fans about #PosterGate!

Your friendly neighborhood caveman and pro wrestling warrior, ELK, went to the Monroe Comic Con to talk to the fans about #PosterGate...and the word is in: PEOPLE ARE OUTRAGED. When are Jeremy Jones and the rest of Clash Management going to start to listen to the people??

Shawn Michaels Returns?

ELK returns with all the latest news & rumors from the world of professional wrestling!

What happened at ALl in ?

Your friendly neighborhood caveman and favorite pro wrestler, ELK is here with news, rumors and analysis for everything professional wrestling! Did you see All In? What did you think? What about Braun Strowman and Becky Lynch potentially turning their backs on their fans?? ELK has all this and more!

ELK talks Summerslam history!

Your friendly neighborhood caveman (and favorite pro wrestler) ELK returns to talk about his top 5 favorite moments in Summerslam history!

What are YOUR favorite moments from Summerslam?

Macho Man marries Miss Elizabeth - Behind the Scenes with ELK

Check out this behind the scenes clip of your friendly neighborhood caveman and favorite pro wrestler, ELK, as he breaks down over Macho Man Randy Savage's wedding attire.

Four More Seconds

Your friendly neighborhood caveman and pro wrestler ELK uncovers another shocking piece of the #PosterGate scandal.

ELK vs Dragon Greed at Clash: Age of Allegiance (2018)

Your friendly neighborhood caveman ELK took on Dragon Greed at Clash: Age of Allegiance!

ELK Tells the legend of Wrestlemania 3

Join your friendly neighborhood caveman and pro wrestler, ELK, around the fire as he tells the legend of a mortal man taking on a fearsome giant; the immovable object meeting the irresistible force, the legend of WrestleMania 3! Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant!

response to postergate thumb.jpg

ELK responds to #postergate

ELK responds to the #Postergate controversy. Clash Wrestling management may not want to give your friendly neighborhood caveman his dues, but he's going to fight for the Championship no matter what! 

Join the Tribe! Come out and cheer for ELK on August 11th at Clash and Burn! 6pm at the Taylor Town Trade Center!

Watch HERE!

unexpected victories.jpg

Unexpected Champions

Who are the most unexpected World Champions in WWE history? Your friendly neighborhood caveman AND favorite pro wrestler, ELK, has a new TOP 5 list to answer that very question!

Let us know in the comments the WWE Champions who YOU thought were most unexpected! And don't forget to like and subscribe, or ELK will crush your bones!

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Who should get in the pro wrestling business? elk knows!

Your friendly neighborhood caveman (and pro wrestler) ELK is back to talk about the TOP 5 people who he thinks should be in the pro wrestling business! 

Who made the cut? Click to find out!

Who's got the best beard in pro wrestling?

Your friendly neighborhood caveman (and pro wrestler) ELK returns to count down the TOP 5 BEST BEARDS in Pro Wrestling history!

Where does it come from?!

As production wraps on his latest video, your friendly neighborhood caveman / favorite pro wrestler ELK takes a moment to relax as he always does after a long day of shouting at a camera.

If only he could relax in peace....

ELK talks about the best allegiances in history!

Your friendly neighborhood caveman ELK is back to talk to you about Clash Wrestling's latest and greatest upcoming event, Age of Allegiance! In honor of the Age of Allegiance, ELK is counting down the TOP 5 best allegiances of all time!

So if you want to know who are the best team-ups ever, then take a ride with the caveman!

What are YOUR favorite allegiances? Did they make ELK's list? Let us know!

Finally--a newsman we can trust!

With so much fake news out there, who can you possibly trust for information nowadays? Why, your friendly neighborhood caveman, ELK of course!

Remember, ELK is a time-traveling caveman (and pro wrestler), so he's not just reporting on facts all willy-nilly; he's telling you what's actually happening...because he's been to the future, and he's seen it, man.

If you can't believe a time-traveling caveman....who can you believe?

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ELK answers your questions about time travel!

ELK knows you have questions about time travel--and you should; time travel is confusing. Luckily, ELK knows the space-time-continuum frontwards and backwards! He's seen it all and done it all throughout his travels! So here he answers the TOP 5 questions, from the Twitterverse, about time travel!

Remember, you can ask ELK your questions here!

ELk shares his fitness tips with you!

How often do you think to yourself--I wish I could be as big and strong as ELK? 

Well, now you can!

With this simple to follow tutorial you can learn how ELK stays so strong, and more importantly, how he's able to defeat his enemies so easily!