Three Y's Men Media presents:

Behind the Scenes

It’s hard to say what this hat is!

Check out this behind the scenes clip of your friendly neighborhood caveman and favorite pro wrestler, ELK, as he breaks down over Macho Man Randy Savage's wedding attire.

Setting up!

The whole Three Y's Men Media team (minus Steve the Intern) went to  the Great Lakes Comic Expo! Check out the madness that went into setting up our booth before the event started!

Mostly tyler's fault...

Your friendly neighborhood caveman and favorite pro wrestler, ELK, returns! Watch as we peel back the curtain and show you, the Tribe, what goes into making an ELK video! Spoiler alert: it takes A LOT of patience...


Behind the scenes at the downriver comic con: part 2

Just in case you didn't get enough Three Y's Men Media shenanigans the first time around, here's EVEN MORE behind the scenes footage from our time at the Downriver Comic Con! 


Behind the scenes at the downriver comic con: part 1

We took Motor City Mo: Episode 1 to Lincoln Park High School for the Downriver Comic Con! Take a look behind the scenes at all the nonsense that goes on when we're not trying to make a sale!  

Be on the lookout for Part 2 at the Downriver Comic Con--coming at you soon!



Dylan and Tyler don't take kindly to Kyle's suggestion that they interrupt one another too oftern on the podcast.


Fifty shades of Tyler

While prepping to record the latest podcast episode, Tyler tells Kyle and Dylan about having recently watched "Fifty Shades Darker," and how he has not been able to make sense of what he saw.

Candy with Razor Blades

Kyle has issues kicking off the latest podcast episode--with heavy contributions from Dylan and Tyler.


Watch the insanity that unfolds as Dylan, Kyle and Tyler prep to record their Spooktober podcast episode, culminating in Dylan giving a lecture in the importance of "getting tested."


In this behind the scenes clip (Now in Video-Vision!) Tyler shares what he's learned about the gold mining industry with Kyle and Dylan.